North Brevard: Growing and Thriving.

…The talk about a growing North Brevard is enthusiastic enough that CareerSource Brevard recently voted to expanding its Titusville office to its former site on Washington Avenue in Titusville. It had been at a smaller site on Washington Avenue.

CareerSource Brevard President Marci Murphy said the agency predicts 2,600 new jobs in the Titusville area over the next three years.

Currently, there are more than 2,100 businesses in Titusville representing 25,457 employees and a residential population of more than 45,000.

“I am thrilled that the CareerSource Brevard board saw the need to reopen a full access career source center again in Titusville,” said Robert L. Jordan, Jr., outgoing CareerSource Brevard chairman.

“It has been my vision that we take care of the citizens of North Brevard with an operation that will support not only the needs of potential employees but the greater need of existing and future employers that are investing in North Brevard,” Jordan said.

A good part of the economic spark comes from what’s happening at Kennedy Space Center.

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