The Workforce Board

The CareerSource Brevard Workforce Development Board is representative of the employer mix in the community.

Working in conjunction with business members on the board are representatives of local government, education agencies, organized labor, economic development and community-based organizations, and social service agencies.

PY 2018-19 CareerSource Brevard Workforce Development Board

Executive Committee

Paula Just

Paula Just, Chair


Patricia Stratton, Vice Chair

Abacus Technology, LLC

Travis Mack, Treasurer

Saalex Solutions, Inc.


Board Members

                                         Shawn Beal

Frank Abbate                                        Joe Angelastro                                      Shawn Beal

Brevard County Management           Walmart                                                 IBEW 2088


Daryl Bishop                         Colleen Browne                     William Chivers

Daryl Bishop                                        Colleen Brown                               William Chivers

Seacoast National Bank                    Keiser University                       RUSH Construction, Inc


Susan Glasgow                             Nancy Heller

  Susan Glasgow                                 Nancy Heller

   kegman, Inc.                                      SCSEP


Robert Jordan                              Jennifer Kenny                              

Robert Jordan                                    Jennifer Kenny                                  Traci Klinkbeil

Genesis IV                                               IBEW 606                        Department of Children & Families


                            Mike Menyhart                            Linda Miedema

Lloyd Gregg                                  Mike Menyhart                           Dr. Linda Miedema

ASRC Federal                            Migrandy Corporation               Eastern Florida State College


                               Wayne Olson                            

Mark Mullins                                    Wayne Olson                                   Amar Patel

Brevard County Public Schools        Vocational Rehabilitation         Brevard Achievement Center


Terry Schrumpf                         Lynda Weatherman                          

Terry Schrumpf                                Lynda Weatherman                                  Vacant

Florida Sports & Spinal Rehab     EDC of Florida’s Space Coast