Retention of Your Workers

Keeping Good People

Replacing, recruiting and training new talent can be very expensive.

Many organizations request our assistance in assessing and developing retention focused initiatives.

CareerSource Brevard is invested in providing resources and services that assist Brevard County businesses.  The topic of employee retention has been discussed widely as unemployment rates have dropped into the 3% -4% range.   Retaining a positive and motivated staff is key to an organization’s success.   Having a high employee turnover rate is expensive and has a detrimental effect on workplace morale.   Improving your current employee retention program is an effective way to lower costs, and maintain job performance and keep or improve productivity rates.

CareerSource Brevard offers onsite support including Essential Soft Skills Training as well as a Retention toolkit that can provide solutions that have been found successful through our years of working with businesses as well as through research of articles, webinars, whitepapers from professional organizations and workforce experts.

Learn about new training modules for your employees.

To help you retain your good employees by growing their talents and skill-sets, CareerSource Brevard can now offer Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Training and Information Technology Fundamentals + CompTIA A+ Training: LEARN MORE.
Or ask your Business Liaison about these new opportunities to grow talent within.