RISE: Re-Entry to Employment

With education, skills training and career support, we can help you get more than a job, a career.

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Gainful employment plays a significant role in your success. RISE is a free and innovative program designed to help those whose careers are in transition due to some degree of justice involvement. We can help you get to work or get back to work. If you are a returning citizen or someone with a record trying to get back to work, see if you qualify for this valuable employment and training program.

The RISE program offers key resources:

  • Education
  • Skills Training
  • Job Experience

Program participants receive:

  • Skills assessments
  • Resume assistance
  • Self-marketing tips
  • Interview prep and mock interviews
  • Ways to discuss your background with employers
  • Steps to create career-growth
  • Career management advise
  • … and more.

Customized career counseling provides the support you need to achieve career success. The program’s training and career experts will provide one-on-one support.

You have the skills and determination Brevard’s employers want!

“…Maybe I’ve been lucky, but my best employees have had background challenges.”

“ Our team members are appreciative of their job opportunities.”

“She consistently demonstrates a positive attitude despite working in our fast-paced environment.”

“My hire connects well with my team, offering his skills but eagerly absorbing all they have to teach him.”

“Take a chance. The grateful attitude and eagerness to prove his “worth” reflects in his exceptional customer service.”

“I’m glad my organization has the job opportunities and vision…No regrets.”

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For more information, visit the career center nearest you and ask about RISE, email a program specialist, [email protected], or fill out the form below.