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Success Stories

From the voices of our business customers and their employees in Brevard

From Construction to Manufacturing

“I like the idea of making something from nothing. It’s a challenge: they bring you a job, you say this isn’t going to be easy, but then you do it. My advice to young people, be willing to start at the bottom and put in the work.  They aren’t going to give it to you.”

Levio “Carl” Carlazzeri
Lead Programmer, Silver Horse Racing

Manufacturing is for Women too

“One of the best moves I’ve ever made. I get up every morning wanting to come to work, for the first time in 20 years. I’d never go back to any of my other careers.”

Tanya McCaully

Success Story Videos

Manufacturing Careers Have Rewards

“I like to work with my hands. Crunching numbers is ok, but taking a solid block of aluminum and turning it into a cool part for a car is the fun part for me.  Don’t be afraid to start small, there is a chance for advancement.”

Ryan Miller
Machinist Apprentice, Silver Horse Racing

I’d Recommend OJTs

“We get candidates that typically have no background in composite manufacturing, so we look for transferable skills. Then with the OJT program (On-The-Job Training) through CareerSource Brevard, we are able train them our way. One third of our current workforce came through the OJT program. I would recommend it to other businesses.”

Ron Taibl
Executive Vice President, COMPSYS

OJTs Helped Us Ramp Up

“The On-The-Job Training program helped us ramp up quickly. It was a positive experience for everybody. It’s not free money; it’s an investment by CareerSource Brevard to help us grow more quickly than we would have otherwise. I would recommend to businesses that want to grow to reach out to CSB.”

Mark Mikolajczyk
President, Craig Technologies Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center

An Excellent Place To Grow

This video details how CareerSource Brevard helped a major aviation company find and hire employees.

What People Say – Joseph Turley

Some of the contacts we have made through the chamber—Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce—are CareerSource Brevard (I hired all my employees through them and even got in on a program where they are paying 50% of one of my worker’s salary for the next three months. He is one of my top employees too).

Joseph Turley
Kiwi Loco Florida

What People Say – Darrell Sims

“We looked at the county and we started looking at what areas we could work with. One was CareerSource Brevard and also the EDC together. And of course, you know, they both work hand-in-hand as partners and that’s why we talked with them initially.”

Darrell Sims, Human Relations, AAR CORP

What People Say – Patrick Francis

“CareerSource Brevard is teaming with area colleges, we’re providing training grants and funds opportunities so that we can get people back to be retrained so we can get their marketable skills up to par so they can get out there and seek other jobs.”

Patrick Francis, Business Liaison, CareerSource Brevard

What People Say – Allison Wavra

You need to come here [CareerSource Brevard].  You need to start at square one. Square one is this company. Everybody is going to help you find your starting point.  Yes, you can do it on your own, you’re just going to fight through a couple more fences. Here, it’s a smooth transition, and it’s helpful.  You don’t have to do it alone, they will help you. And it’s wonderful.  It’s comforting to know that somebody has your back.

Allison Wavra, Job Seeker

What People Say – Helen Petrucci

“I personally floundered for the first 6 months of my lay off with NASA. I did not come in to speak with BWF till the 11th hour due to my certainty I “could do this alone.”  My first visit I arrived unprepared – Latisha [Ali-Ramlogan] noted she needed a complete file in order to be successful. I followed up with Latisha shortly thereafter and she immediately jumped into action with both feet and was very concise on “How to Keep Focused.” She kept a pulse on my file, offered and obtained training through Florida Institute of Technology for the PMP course, and took personal interest toward my success!!

Latisha is a true catalyst for the CareerSource Brevard Team and her clients. She consistently responded without hesitation to my every e mail, phone call, & voice mail. I am very thankful she is on my side.”

Helen M. Petrucci

New position: Staff Contracts Manager, Space & Defense Engineering.

Prepared for What’s Next – Deborah Dorn, Aerospace Workforce Transition

Looking Forward, Giving Back – Patsy Elliott, Aerospace Workforce Transition Program

Sherrita and Ketoura

The law firm of Vance, Lotane and Bookhardt brought on Sherrita Thompson and Ketoura Battle as interns after they completed two weeks of pre-placement training through Emerge! Thompson, formerly a cosmetologist, began filing lawsuits and developing correspondence for clients of the firm within a few weeks of starting. Battle also showed initiative and dedication to her work, and both became valued members of the firm’s staff. They were hired as full- time employees, and are now pursuing degrees as paralegals.

Melinda Griffith

CareerSource Brevard provides help to youth entering the job marketplace.

Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, 46 young adults successfully completed the EMERGE! program, with internships in 43 businesses. CareerSource Brevard covered all compensation, including pay, insurance and liability.

Peter Arcario: Back To Work

Peter Arcario exemplifies what can be accomplished with perseverance and thoughtful assistance. Arcario, now with web development and network support firm Blue Tangerine Solutions in Melbourne, overcame medical issues and financial challenges to restart his career in information technology. Several major surgeries over 10 years kept Peter out of work and impacted his ability to keep current in IT.


The Back To Work Program allowed CareerSource Brevard to provide Blue Tangerine Solutions with resources that enabled them to hire and train Arcario and several others they would not have been able to be employed.

Cameron Humes: Back To Work

After more than a year of being unemployed and relying on public assistance, Cameron Humes discovered CareerSource Brevard’s career center in Cocoa and the Back To Work Program. Soon after it was determined that he qualified, Humes began his training at TSC Solutions, an inbound call center in Rockledge that opened in January 2010. He was later promoted from sales representative to supervisor of four sales teams, now earning roughly $35,000 per year.


Through the Back to Work Program, one company, TSC hired 533 employees, who earned between $9 – $15 per hour and received medical coverage after 90 days of employment.

A New Beginning: Waheb Samarie

After years of struggling in war-torn Iraq as an IT entrepreneur and US contractor employee, University of Technology in Baghdad graduate Waheb Samarie began the process of emigrating to the US; an arduous process that eventually brought him and his family legally and safely to Melbourne in July 2009. He immediately began to look for work to support his family through CareerSource Brevard, where he was assigned a career coach and attended several workshops. In a short time, Samarie applied for work at TSC, which operates a new inbound call center in Rockledge, a company he felt could offer him chances for advancement. Very quickly Samarie climbed the ranks at TSC and now heads the I.T. Department, overseeing all the networking and computer operations.

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